In a rush to provide help, external assistance often overlooks the strengths and capabilities of local partners, resulting in mounting frustration with partnerships intended to "aid."

Due to the complex nature of international development programs, many of these programs often do not achieve the desired impact.

Many reports suggest that the out of school youth population in Haiti is over 115,000. Due to the damage left by Hurricane Matthew, this number will likely increase.

UNICEF estimates that the adult literacy rate is at a staggering 48.7%.

Due to the cumulative impact of natural disaster, lack of resources, and limited economic growth, recovery is at the top of the government agenda. Haiti’s youth are looking for innovation and opportunity, to build a new Haiti. These are the drivers of creative problem solving.

Haiti is like an onion – you have to peel away the layers to understand all of its mysteries

In the past, international development programming used a top-down approach. Their failure to incorporate local voices and systems in the decision making process often hindered their success. We approach traditional problems with an innovative, inclusive and transparent approach. Our goal is to build on the best of the past while looking toward the trends of the future.


The Engage In Change Difference


For over 20 years, we designed and implemented programs in Haiti. We have a network of skilled, technical professionals working within the complex systems. This local attention ensures that our efforts are successful.

The Engage in Change difference is clear in many ways. We root our studies and implementation methods in civil, political, social and economic human rights. We use a civic-minded, multi-sectoral approach, bridging academia with practice.

To address historical issues, we use strategies that focus on transparency and inclusion. We incorporate disruptive innovation strategies seeking to change the way international development programs operate. To do this, we focus on 4 things:

  • Bridging academic rigor with practitioner experience
  • Sustainability through job creation and youth engagement
  • Building partnerships with local talent and organizations to transfer knowledge
  • Inclusive management and transparency in decision making

Haitian Proverb: Believe 10% of What You See, and 5% of What You Hear


Our Mission

Our mission is to engage the Haitian people to grow and develop their leadership skills to build sustainable development outcomes. Our program models focus on transparency and collective decision making processes. We assist the next generation of leaders and community organizers with tools to engage all voices in their development goals.

Evidence of Our Approach

Over the last two decades, we helped to develop Haitian businesses and professionals. We train local individuals in monitoring, evaluation and organizational strengthening. Over time, they become recognized as international development professionals. They serve as partners and consultants for international development agencies and government ministries.

Our goal is to Engage the Haitian people to make meaningful and sustainable Change in Haiti, for the Haitian people.

We can’t do this alone.
We need your help.